Nmos Power Amplifier Series ( Part 3 )

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A power amplifier module capable of up to 400 watts into a 4 ohm load depending on power supply and the output mosfets used.  The layout makes use of older style TO3 mosfets.

Nmos400-TO3 Schematic
Nmos400-TO3 Layout

Nmos350 Mk2
This revised version yet to be built improves a few perfomance areas. I considered more complex ideas but this increased the component count and original idea of the amp would have been lost; that is a powerful high quality amplifier that used commonly available and cheap components.
  1. A LED as the voltage reference for the first stage constant current source tracks changes in temperature slightly better that than the old double diode setup.
  2. A cascode second stage makes it faster and more linear.
  3. Better clipping attributes
  4. The fuse has been shifted out of the voltage drive loop between the driver and output stages.

Nmos350 Mk2 Schematic

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