20.000 Watt Audio Amplifier, Scheme collections

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Collection of VersatileAudioAmplifier Number 2

Schema 20kW audio amplifier

Scheme 2000 Watt Audio Amplifier

Scheme 200 Watt Audio Amplifier

Scheme 20 Watt Audio Amplifier

layout PCB

Scheme 2 Watt Audio Amplifier

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Endih mengatakan...

For the Schema 20kW audio amplifier, you should discuss that schematic with its designer (Mr Glen Klienschmidt). According to Mr Glen, he was designed this power amplifier for experimental purpose only. He hasn't been tested nor made this amp....

Convert MP3 to Text mengatakan...

how can i get this once again???

Anonim mengatakan...

salam kenal,

untuk PCB rangkaian Scheme 2000 Watt Audio Amplifier apakah ada dan bagaimana agar bisa dikirim ke email saya

Puji Nono mengatakan...

pcb nya bos ....... bagaimana cara mendptkannya?

electronics circuit design mengatakan...

Do you have parts list for this project?

argi del mengatakan...

But ... 20 000 Watt? !!!!
Is it possible?
I can't imagine this power as sound

Anonim mengatakan...

It is not posible to get 20kW from +-115V power supply even with 1 Ohm output impedance.

Mads Barnkob mengatakan...

It is also very optimistic to drive so many transistors in parallel and hope for good balance with only passive resistor balancing. One should be very careful to match all components around the transistors to the same value.

Dwight Walter mengatakan...

Good info, many thank you to the author. It is incomprehensible to me now, but in general, the particular usefulness and importance is overpowering. Thanks again and good luck!


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