275W Leach Amplifier

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The amplifier design includes not only the final stage of the source (rectifier, filter) and protection against DC voltage output amplifier and speaker connections delayed. As already mentioned, the amplifier is designed as a single-module. This means that on one common board rectifier, filter capacitors, protection And definitely amplifier. Regarding the components of the external solution, the solution based on the original Mr. Marshall Leach. The proposal is adapted for the proposal. in the amplifier are used for temperature sensing diodes are replaced with one sensing transistor mounted on the end of the main condenser and field Tranda. This transistor provides a thermal feedback and thus of a stable quiescent current amplifiers. Privacy speakers are powered directly from the voltage amplifier. As for mechanical design, is probably the most complicated in the whole amplifier. Cooling is done by the Al blocks that are attached to the main cooling profile. ZH6465 profile is used. The terminal transistors to heat is released through Al strips with a thickness of 6 mm in the lateral beams and passing into the cooler. more pictures.

275W Leach Amplifier

Technical parameters:

Output power: 275W RMS (when supply +-66v)

Minimum holiday zázěž: 4R

Slew rate: 35V/us

Bandwidth: 8-150 000 Hz /-3dB

Maximum permissible voltage: +-65V

Filter Capacity: 2 x 15G / 80V

Sensitivity DC protection: + /-2V

Late connection: 2 seconds

Fusing end amplifier: 2x 6.3 A / F

Input sensitivity for maximum excitation: 1.55 V

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